PGB Examples

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Status of all modules

Last Update 2018-10-18

BOM (Browser Object Model)
navigator DONE
screen DONE
window DONE
BOM + device - BOM (Browser Object Model) and Cordova device plugin DONE
pgb-example-html5 not yet
pgb-example-boilerplates not yet
Phonegap Core Plugins
battery DONE
camera -
console -
contacts -
device DONE
device-motion Deprecated
device-orientation Deprecated
dialogs DONE
pgb-example-core-file not working
file-transfer -
geolocation DONE
globalization DONE
inappbrowser -
pgb-example-core-media Working/Available soon
media-capture -
network-information DONE
splashscreen DONE
statusbar DONE
vibration DONE
whitelist -

- This code only tests whether or not you have the new ECMA International API on your device.

phonegap android remove from recent

Setup github so you can use this code.


  • How to install git on Debian Linux, Ubuntu, Mint, & Debian-based systems
  • How to use for your projects.
    • Setting Up SSH for

Phonegap Build Demo Apps

Example Code: Cordova 'Statusbar'

Just built and verified. Others have been built since the last blog post.

Example Code: Cordova 'Device'

Just built and verified.

Restarting Example Code Base

Recently a client wanted to restart an old Andriod app project. His only complaint was that it was not producing sound. It seemed like a simple problem to solve. It was not. As a result I am restarting my code base of working examples for PhoneGap Build the online tool for compiling HTML + Javascript into a working app.

So here I go
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